algas_personaals_risinThe “HR & Payroll solutions” module has been developed by NAVEX as an adjustment to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. It supplements the functionality of the “Human Resource” module to create and maintain an effective payroll system, as well as manage and control the policies of the human resource department. It fully complies with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia and includes comprehensive and user friendly functionality for employee administration.

The module allows to create a database of employee salaries, keep record of the changes in salaries and bonuses; store data about employee vacations, sick leaves, business travel and absence days; create working time records and follow working time during night shifts and overtime, record and trace the history of changes in salary amounts.

This solution guarantees employee salary accounting and analyse by cost centre. There may be different types of salary estimation – time-based and task-based – for each employee.

Additionally, the software can allocate fringe benefits, percentage based benefits and define any amounts withheld (for example, child support, limits for mobile phone bills, and other withheld amounts) for every employee.

This solution provides for the entry into the “Employee card” of any information on the company’s assets placed at the disposal of the employee, the employee’s qualification level (education, language skills, further education, certificates and their expiration dates), health status health check schedules.

The payroll ensures:

  • Salary calculation ( time-based and hourly rates );
  • Gross/net salary calculation;
  • Payment for night shifts and overtime;
  • Accumulated vacation days;
  • Calculated vacation costs;
  • Sick days’ calculation;
  • Advance payments;
  • Taxes and other withheld amounts;
  • Non-taxable minimum and other tax relief;
  • A number of data about staff records;
  • Salary calculation export in FiDAViSTA format;
  • Ledger integration;
  • Information from working time records;
  • Salary reporting in compliance with Latvian legislation: statement on employees, statement of amounts paid to natural persons (Annexes 1 and 2), statement on social contributions and income tax. Reports can be exported to the State Revenue Service EDS.

HR Solution

The “HR solutions” module functionality ensures easy data administration, storage and processing in line with the company’s requirements and legislation.
Employee cards are filled for accounting purposes.

The general information entered is the employee’s address (declared and factual), passport or work permit data, personal data, work position data (department and post), work qualifications, education, as well as information about previous work experience, family etc.

The Human Resources Solution provides for:

  • Automated employee records (contracts and orders);
  • Work position register;
  • Staff register;
  • Working time records;
  • Employee records and their integration with Microsoft Word, enabling the development and storage of the full list of documents required for HR records;

The user has full control over the settings and definition of the documents to be developed. There are three different document types:

  • Simple (one employee in a single order);
  • Multi-document (many employees in a single order);
  • Multi-page document (many employees in a single document).;
  • Company staff list maintenance;
  • Full data confidentiality (enables tracking of equipment at the disposal of the employee: keys, credit cards, vehicles, phones etc.);
  • Integration with salary calculation: hiring, vacation order, job termination, order on salary changes;
  • Vacation day calculation;
  • Reporting (HR cards, dead line control, staff list, vacancy list, absence and vacation days, planned health checks, employee contracts, birthdays, etc.).


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