Skybill is a Utility Billing platform for WATER, ELECTRICITY , GAS, SEWERAGE, HEATING companies.




SkyBill features include:

  • Service Addresses  – Define any facilities for each subscriber like apartments, garages, business and other properties
  • Services – Define any number of any kind of services provided in each property
  • Tarrifs – Set rates, any combination of rates and services
  • Billing –  Calculate bills periodically basing on meter readings or flat rates
  • Shared services – Set services that are calculated basing on other services (e.g. sewerage, pro-rata shared services etc.)
  • Accounting information – Get complete information about your subscriber consumption, accounting information
  • Electronic bills – Send bills electronically via e-mail
  • Automated meter reading fetching (M-bus) – Option to integrate your billing solution with external systems – gateways for meter reading data automatic upload.
  • Error control system – Manage bulk manual data entry with sophisticated error control system
  • Maintenance – Track your meter maintenance
  • Locations – Track multiple locations for individual customer
  • Reports – Create customized reports
  • Client portal and mobile app – See bills, enter meter readings, and see consumption history
  • Direct debit –  Solution provide such option but you need appropriate agreement with your bank and clients.
  • Integration – It is possible to make any kind of integration with other systems, ERP, bank gateways, SMS messaging, debt collection, client portals, etc.

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