Those  are main steps for project implementation. If project starts from beginning them all those steps are needed, if we just make some adjustments then it  is possible to choose what combination is best to reach result.

magnifier-1 Diagnostics and Analysis

During the diagnostics and analysis stage, the customer business processes are examined, described and analyzed.
The main steps in this stage are:

  • “Analysis of company situation”
  • “Defining of functional requirements”
  • “Development of the integration plan”
  • “Development of the system implementation plan”

magnifier-1 System installation and training

During this stage the system is completely implemented on the customer’s site, and all users are prepared and trained to work with this system.
Main steps during the installation and trainings stage:

  • “Configuration of system settings”
  • “Preparation of user documentation”
  • “Import of initial data and classifiers”
  • “User trainings”
  • “Complete transfer to the new system”

magnifier-1 System development and testing

Additional functionalities for the system are developed and tested during this stage.
Main steps during the adaptation and testing stage:

  • “Preparation and coordination of technical specification with the customer”
  • “Development and testing”
  • “Data import procedure”
  • “Creation of the system interface”

magnifier-1 Custom made solution

No all functions are available in out of the box  solutions. Very often is needed  to ad some new, or even make  completely separate software and integrate with existing one (client self service portals are good example there).

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