Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a cost efficient and fully adjustable enterprise management solution fitted for small and medium enterprises. It includes integrated functionality for financial management, supply chain management, customer relationship management and e-commerce. Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes an integrated solution, which provides any employee with online tools to cooperate with customers, suppliers and partners at any time and from any place.

More than 1,5 million licensed users from 100 000 companies in 150 countries use Microsoft Dynamics NAV on a daily basis.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can easily discover trends and gain insight into businnavex_2ess activities, as well as discover new opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed. Many financial activities and procedures can be automated in accordance with your specific needs and the desired level of control can be defined. This software simplifies the basic accounting process while maintaining the transpa
rency of information. The cross-company accounting functionality will allow you to easily interconnect financial transactions and information across several subsidiaries or existing company data from different databases.

By choosing Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the customer chooses to invest not in a simple business management tool, but rather in a high-tech complex solution, which will ensure systems development and technical potential corresponding to current and future needs. Microsoft is always striving to bring their products to the forefront of technology and innovation.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017


At the end of 2016 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 version is available in Latvia, as compared to the previous, Microsoft Dynamics NAV versions, Microsoft has taken an important step for improving functional capacity.

The system has been updated with many new tools that will facilitate its employees everyday work, offer a simplified system maintenance, while increasing its security and performance.

According to the released document following are the main new things available in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017:
  • Improvement in Incoming documents
  • Categorization of Inventory Items (I’m sure many will love this)
  • Cancel posted credit memo (Finally it is available in Dynamics NAV)
  • Package Tracking
  • Account Categories in the Chart of Account
  • Improvement in Functional Areas
    • Payment Reconciliation
    • Job module
    • Fixed Asset module
    • US financial reports
  • Better Office 365 integration with Dynamics NAV and introducing Outlook calendar and Outlook mail to Dynamics NAV. (No more rework)
  • Simplified setup of CRM from inside Dynamics NAV
  • Simplified opportunity management in CRM functionalities
  • Smart notifications (It is smart!)
  • Great extension capabilities (Some of the out-of-box extensions are really great)
  • Time series library.
  • Application area tagging.
  • Web Services in multitenant deployment
  • Smarter sales and purchase documents
  • Data protection through audit, restoration and geo-replication

Software screenshots:

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