NAVex financial & billing tools 2016 (8.00)

Company NAVex Latvia will upgrade this solution to new versions to be sure that add-on is compatible with latest Microsoft Dynamics NAV version. We will follow the statement of directions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV products.

 Billing Leasing  HR & Payroll
Billing can bind each service to its customers object (Street, House, apartment, etc.), and enables a multifaceted analysis of that information. It’s based on flexible mechanisms for defining services tarification and binding customers to contracts, detailed analysis of our services and debt collection. Integration with financial accounting tools module provides an analysis of revenues and expenditures, the preparation of estimates, as well as a variety of reporting. Leasing is designed for businesses that offer leasing services for individual and legal persons, including consumer loans, cash loans without collateral, as well as accounting objects by implementing tools. Module provides online processing of data, beginning with registration applications for leasing, making payment schedule and agreements, debt collection to control receivables and sending marketing offers. Module includes all the necessary client management functions, in order to ensure the most comprehensive databases of customers and their transactions history. Human Resources (HR) and Payroll offers fully integrated functionality enabling HR and payroll departments to access, process and manage all aspects of the organization’s hire-to-retire cycle and payroll functions. Reporting tools help managers to gain a clearer insight into an organization’s resources as well as saves time for generating reports for local government instances.


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