Telecommunication operators

Solution for telecommunication companies

The solution provides a binding to a specific client object services (in-home, street, apartment, etc.) and analyze this information from different perspectives. This solution provides flexible mechanisms for definition of services, billing and binding to client contracts, detailed analysis of the services offered and the ability to manage receivables. Furthermore it is possible to use a different payment system in different client contracts and services to accounts automatically add charges proposed by the special services and prepayments and similar information.

Integration with financial accounting tools module provides a detailed analysis of costs, tariffs, and the ability to create different statistical reports income and expenses of with services.

  • Detailed information about clients
  • Flexible integration of Subscriber contracts and various services (e.g., packages cable TV)
  • Accounting finance networks and buildings
  • Integration of different devices (SIM cards, modems, decoders, etc.)
  • Integration with CDR (call detail record)
  • Flexible pricing and discounts, fines and citations
  • Integration with banking systems
  • Reporting