Utility billing

Solution for utility companies

Module utilities developed by NAVEX is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it can bind each service to its customers object (Street, House, apartment, etc.), and enables a multifaceted analysis of that information. It’s based on flexible mechanisms for defining services tarification and binding customers to contracts, detailed analysis of our services and debt collection.

Integration with financial accounting tools module provides an analysis of revenues and expenditures, the preparation of estimates, as well as a variety of reporting.


  • Detailed information about clients and their leases, employment and community services
  • Support for different tariffs and calculation methodologies (counters)
  • Automation of recurring actions (preparation and printing of invoices, import payments from the Bank, performance counters)
  • Detailed information about counters, their producing, binding to objects and specific documents
  • Control of debts
  • Ready bills can be sent out by emails
  • Automatic distribution of total resources expended on specific targeted customers
  • Convenient form of indicators input, error control (deviation from the average consumption, leakage, etc.) using the calculation on the average number of indicators for free/copied/historical periods.